Bodle Street Class

Class Teachers Miss Inman (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday)
Miss Hickman Smith (Thursday)
Teaching Assistant Mrs Bartley
Individual Needs Assistants
Mrs Worrel
Mrs Elliot
Mrs Hutchingson


The schools of the Woodlands Federation aim to provide a broad, balanced, relevant and engaging curriculum for all of our pupils.

We will do this by:

  • Knowing our children well and being responsive to their interests and aspirations.
  • Planning activities that are rich in first-hand experiences – practical work, trips out and visitors in. Using an interesting start to a topic and having a goal for an end product.
  • Promoting ‘excellence’.
  • Providing a curriculum that balances knowledge, skills and understanding in a creative way.
  • Having a flexible approach to planning – continued focus for some subjects/blocking for other subjects. Use of thematic approach for some subjects and discrete for other subjects.
  • Using the principles of Assessment for Learning to give feedback to children about their learning – including ‘Learning Powers’.
  • Having a framework that enables progress across the curriculum and helps children to see themselves as writers, mathematicians, historians, geographers, artists and technologists etc.
  • Integrating our School Curriculum with the National Curriculum.

For any further information about the curriculum please speak to either your child(s) class teacher or Mr Cox.